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Hi I shop at villa in tower city in Cleveland Ohio my name is Cole. I love the shoes and clothes at villa.

But this lady Sharon every since she has been working at that location she has a nasty disgusting attitude. She treats customers very disrespectful being real snappy she has done it to me. This lady is too old to be at a youthful location and is not a people person at all. She needs to go nobody likes her.

When I walk in that store it's like debby downer u want good energy but it's not there. I don't understand why this old lady is still there. For her to be a manager she is very unprofessional and she doesn't realize that customers do pay attention and the staff has never gave me problems. It was always this lady with a bad attitude.

Whatever she got going on needs to change because I don't like the way she talks to people. I've heard her multiple times taking to customers crazy. I have even been to other stores to tell on her and thank god some good worker gave me info about this lady. I heard she can act nice when the right people come around like from the company.

Then when there not around people complain about her ugly attitude.

I been shopping here for a while and this lady watch out for her smart old *** mouth go get another career if u are going to be angry all the time. Your a old hag and a miserable person it's written all over your face and I hope this gets back to you because contacting cooperate will be next.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sneaker Villa Sports Sales Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Bentonville, Arkansas, United States #1195225

Who are you to say that she is too old to be working in such a "youthful" environment? Maybe the problem is really YOU.

You sound like a real *** and you are an ageist as well.

She doesn't look too old to me. ***!

to Anonymous Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1195695

Well I've shopped at that Villa in Towere City where she works several times and I have to agree with Cole, she is very mean and has a very nasty attitude. I was so happy when Villa decided to open up another store closer to me because I like their merchandise but I had to stop going to that location because I don't like to spend money where I'm not being treated or greeted right.

If she doesn't like her job, she should find another one. She does act like she's miserable. If you haven't encountered her, you shouldn't even be commenting.

Villa should hire managers with better customer service. She makes them look bad as a company.

to Anonymous Springdale, Arkansas, United States #1196437

I haven't even encountered her, nor do I even know who she is. My problem is with the OP acting like an ageist saying this woman is too old to be working in a "youthful" environment. She doesn't even look that old.

to Anonymous Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1197064

She does not look like she is in her 20's and there is a lot of bitter older woman in there 40's and 50's that's not happy with there life and they treat others with disrespect. There are also some beautiful woman that are 40's on up that are happy peaceful and got it going on.

I don't believe the person who made that comment is a ageist. I believe they are just speaking there mind of there experience at that store with that particular woman. And I have heard of ruvilla before and if u knew the store u wouldn't want to be there at 50 and I'm older. If u do your research a lot of young people work there wearing Jordan's and crop tops rip jeans it's basically a store for cool teens.

I'm not offended at that age I would be at SAKs or somewhere more grown woman like. I would leave that store and energy for our young children. No young people want a annoying *** older woman getting on there nerves or customer nerves.

When I was younger I didn't so whoever the lady is she needs to loosen up and stop disrespecting customers like that because Karma will come back on you in many ways and your hag *** needs to quit. Because I'm pretty sure somebody that acts that way will gladly not be missed by no one having that attitude.

to Anonymous Duncanville, Texas, United States #1201179

I will reply to you here since I didn't see a reply button on your post for some reason. Women in their 40s are like that because they are disrespected so much by people like the OP.

I looked on the website and it appears they sell shoes for people of all ages. The OP is just an ageist.

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